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How to render a raccoon unconscious?


  1. resist says:

    You can kill it or drive it off…NOT gork it down.
    Get real.

  2. Joel says:

    Cut its heart out and throw it in it’s face

  3. :) says:

    Hit him with a shovel. Or call animal control.

  4. vsenzafinev says:

    Call animal control. NEVER handle a wild animal as it might have rabies. They won’t hurt him, they’ll capture it in a humane trap and release it else where.

  5. oikos says:

    What makes you think you can get close enough to do that? Rent a live trap.

  6. BKWildlifeCntrl says:

    Rent a live trap, buy a live trap, or hire a wildlife control professional to trap and remove him for you.

    Some Animal Control Facilities will help you, but matters where you are located.

    I do not recommend attempting to grab him, trying to tranq him.

    All it takes is one time, then you will be at the hospital spending thousands of dollars for rabies pre-exposure shots cause in all reality you don’t know if the Raccoon has rabies. It might not be showing signs but at the same time be a carrier of it.

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